Production Economics for Vaccines

Available since March 2020
Mr. Benoit Hayman & Dr. Sonia Pagliusi (DCVMN staff), with authorization of Robyn Ikbal (funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

The process of performing Production Economics (PE) assessment by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The intention of this E-course is for use in the following ways:

  • To gain familiarity with the foundation’s approach to calculating Production Economics Cost of Goods Sold (PE COGS), so differences in an individual manufacturer’s approach can be identified and can inform discussions (note there is not an expectation that manufacturers conform to the foundation’s approach for the manufacturer’s own internal accounting purposes)
  • To guide PE COGS calculations by manufacturers
  • To provide guidance for partner organizations calculating PE COGS on the foundation’s or a manufacturer’s behalf
  • Self-Paced
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