DCVMN International E-learning platform privacy policy


DCVMN attaches great importance to respecting the privacy of individuals whose personal data are, at one time or another, processed within the framework of the relationship they maintain with DCVMN.

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The Federal Act on Data Protection of September 25, 2020 provides that everyone has the right to protection of their private sphere as well as to be protected against the abusive use of data concerning them.

In its capacity as data controller when people use DCVMN International E-learning platform, DCVMN Teaching Support Center (hereinafter: TSC or we) respects these prerogatives.

This policy concerns the processing by the TSC of your personal data collected as a user of DCVMN International E-learning platform.

This privacy policy is dated. By creating a participant profile on DCVMN International E-learning platform you signify that you have read this privacy policy and accept that your personal data is processed as described in this privacy policy.

This confidentiality policy may be updated regularly, in which case you will be informed via the moodle.dcvmn.net website. Any use of Moodle-DCVMN services following this notification will be considered as acceptance of the latest version of this policy.

1. What do we mean by personal data?

Personal data means all information relating to an identified or identifiable individual person. Personal data can either identify you directly (for example your first and last name) or indirectly by cross-referencing various information about you (for example your telephone number).

2. What personal data is collected when using DCVMN International E-learning platform?

When using DCVMN International E-learning platform, the following personal data is collected through the authentication system: first name surname email address institution or company IP address, as well as other information regarding your account and your use of the platform, such as the time and place of your login, the pages you access on the platform and what information you upload to the platform

In addition to the aforementioned data, you can freely enrich your user profile with additional fields such as phone, mobile phone or department (hereinafter: “optional data”).

DCVMN International E-learning platform offers also the possibility for its users to deposit different kinds of files which may contain personal data.

3. For what purposes are your personal data processed?

Your personal data is processed for the purpose of providing you access and services on the DCVMN International E-learning platform, which notably including the following purposes:

Assign you the roles and access to the lessons present in your training course; Identify, validate and evaluate your participation in online teaching activities; Send and receive notifications from the DCVMN International E-learning platform. The various processing operations carried out with your personal data are also justified by a legal basis or legitimate interests, such as DCVMN requirements to comply with applicable law and defend its rights, or by the accomplishment of public tasks of DCVMN, in particular the transmission of knowledge, and, in certain cases, are based on your consent.

4. To whom are your personal data communicated?

The following personal data of users is made accessible to teaching managers and their assistants:

first name

The following personal data is made accessible to other users of the DCVMN International E-learning platform who are registered for the same courses as you:

first name
Email Address
The optional data (cited in point 2) is not made accessible to the above persons.

Your personal data is made available to the administrators of the platform, for the purpose of operating the platform and providing the services. We may also your personal data with our service providers (e.g. Moodle, IT providers). DCVMN may be required to disclose your personal data in the context of civil, criminal or administrative proceedings, at the request of an authority or to comply with a legal obligation.

Personal data collected via DCVMN International E-learning platform is used for the aforementioned purposes and is under no circumstances sold to third parties, in particular for marketing or promotional purposes. Your personal data is not transferred outside of Switzerland.

5. How is your data protected by DCVMN?

Everything is done to ensure the security of your personal data and thus avoid any illicit access, use, modification or disclosure thereof. All data sent to and from the platform is encrypted and therefore cannot be accessed while in transit.

The personal data present on DCVMN International E-learning platform are stored in the DCVMN data centers managed by its IT Center and secured according to the standards in force. We ensure that any third party to whom your data is communicated undertakes to process it securely to ensure its confidentiality and integrity and in compliance with this policy terms.

6. How to modify and delete your personal data?

Any user may request access to their personal data, request their updating, rectification or destruction. For such a request, you can send an email to: elearning@dcvmn.net

Regarding optional data (cited in point 2), you can freely consult, modify or delete it directly in your DCVMN International E-learning platform user profile.

The exercise of the abovementioned rights (e.g. your objection to the processing of your personal data or withdrawal of any previously given consent) may prevent us from providing you with all or part of our services, including removing access to the platform.

The above-mentioned rights may also be limited – for example when we are required to obtain and process your personal data to comply with applicable law and regulation, to assert or defend against legal claims, or when we have other legitimate grounds for the processing that override your interests and rights. We may therefore be entitled to continue processing your personal data even after you have chosen to withdraw your consent or objected to the processing of your personal data.

7. How long are your personal data kept?

As a user of the DCVMN International E-learning platform, your personal data is kept:

as long as access to the lessons in which you are registered requires it, and; for people who are not registered with DCVMN, after a period of one year of non-use of the DCVMN International E-learning platform. Personal data which is the subject of an administrative, civil or criminal procedure, produced at the request of an authority or to comply with a legal obligation on the part of DCVMN International may, where applicable, be kept for a longer duration.

8. Contact

For any questions relating to this privacy policy, you can contact:

DCVMN International Route de Crassier, 7
CH-1262 Nyon

Effective April 4, 2024